Stahls’ Says “Viva Las Vegas!”

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Do you have a strong heart and nerves of steel? Have you ever wished that there were more than 24 hours in the day? Even if there were 40 more, would you not sleep a minute away? Viva Las Vegas? No, Viva SGIA! That’s right, SGIA Expo 2012 is mere days away in the bright light city of Las Vegas, Nevada – and Stahls’ will be there to set your soul on fire.

You can experience heat printing live in booth 2849 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from October 18th – 20th. Representatives from Stahls’ ID Direct, Transfer Express®, Hotronix®, and CAD-CUT® Direct will be there to share their expertise as well as show specials, free samples, giveaways, and more.

The Stahls’ Hotronix Heat Printing Zone will have educational sessions each day with the Stahls’ Power Panel. Subjects will include the benefits of a heat press, how to get started with screen printed transfers, and discussions of how heat transfer materials, full color digital transfers, bling, and Stahls’ new Any Word. Any Way.™ custom text designer can help you and your business succeed.

Plus, we’ll have DAPZ and SPATZ! No, silly, Daffy Duck won’t be making an appearance. DAPZ is the Digital Apparel Production Zone in booth 3325, where we’ll have live demonstrations of digital decoration methods. And SPATZ is the Screen Printed Apparel Training Zone in booth 3624, where heat printing guru Josh Ellsworth will host a free interactive session on heat transfer  materials  on Saturday, October 20th at 3 pm.

To learn more about what you’ll find from Stahls’ in Vegas, visit our SGIA web page, where you’ll find a schedule of sessions, list of speakers, and more details about our specials and giveaways.

Visit us at SGIA Expo 2012 – you’ll always remember that you had a swingin’ time.

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