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Like stuff? I know I do. It seems that these days a lot of people like Facebook. No longer is it just for pretending that you’re buddies with a movie star or for tracking down your best friend from kindergarten. People actually get information from Facebook – and not just the latest news on Cousin Fred’s three-year-old.

For instance, Stahls’ is now on Facebook.

Stahls’ – All Things Heat Printing covers news and information from Stahls’ ID Direct, Stahls’ Canada, Hotronix®, Transfer Express, and CAD-CUT®Direct. On our page we ask for your feedback,  give helpful hints, inform you of new products and promotions, introduce you to new techniques,  and sometimes even give stuff away. For free. Seriously.

So visit our page and become part of the community by clicking the “Like” button. Because Stahls’ means all things heat printing – and that includes Facebook!


post submitted by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

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