Decorate for Spring Sports

Spring Sports Are Right Around the Corner

by Melissa Summers, Marketing

Depending on what part of the country you’re from it may be hard to believe, but spring sports are just around the corner. With 12.7 million outdoor soccer players, 4.5 million Little Leaguers, and nearly 1.8 million lacrosse players stringing their sticks, keeping up with demand is important.

With pre-spaced text for player names paired with pre-cut numbers, you’re able to personalize team uniforms with your heat press in one easy step. But as you prepare for the season, it’s important to consider the right materials and fonts for each sport.


Recommended Baseball Number Styles
Recommended Baseball Number Styles

Baseball uniforms can be decorated using Thermo-FILM®, Thermo-GRIP®, Premium Plus™ and even Poly-TWILL™ pre-cut letters and numbers, so you can offer your customers options depending on the look they want for the team and whether they’d like fully sewn names and numbers.

To learn more about decorating baseball uniforms visit How to Decorate Baseball Uniforms. To learn more about decorating softball uniforms visit How to Decorate Softball Jerseys.



Recommended Lacrosse Number Styles
Recommended Lacrosse Number Styles

Lacrosse is a rough and tumble sport so make sure you pick an abrasion-resistant material for your decoration. We recommend Thermo-FILM®, which is abrasion-resistant and helps inhibit dye migration on polyester jerseys, or Thermo-GRIP®, which is also abrasion-resistant and works great on nylon mesh. Both materials are available in both pre-cut and pre-spaced letters and numbers.

To learn more about decorating lacrosse uniforms, visit How to Decorate Lacrosse Uniforms.



Recommended Soccer Number Styles
Recommended Soccer Number Styles

Because soccer isn’t a full-contact sport you’ve got options when it comes to decorating with pre-cut and pre-spaced letters and numbers. Thermo-FILM®, Thermo-GRIP®, and Premium Plus™ are all excellent choices but we recommend staying away from Poly-Twill™ because it adds too much bulk to the soccer uniform.

To learn more about decorating soccer uniforms, visit How to Decorate Soccer Uniforms.

Spring sports are coming, fire up and get those uniform sales in today! Request the Stahls’ Team Decorator for even more ideas today.

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