Split Front Jerseys Made Easy

by Mary Castelli, Marketing

Decorating split front jerseys is easier than you think.

Split-front graphics on button-down jerseys are one of the most sought-after baseball personalization options. Single and multi-color Poly-TWILL™ heat transfer fabric logos edged in a satin or zigzag stitch have long been a staple with baseball teams. School leagues, recreational leagues, travel leagues – everyone wants to look like the pros. If you’ve found yourself turning away split front requests because you think that they’re difficult to produce, think again. With embroidery equipment at your disposal, our Custom Made Easy options and online videos will have you up to speed in no time.

If you lack embroidery capabilities, or simply don’t want to bother with them, consider a no-sew, split-front option which can be applied with a heat press. Split front designs made with CAD-CUT  Thermo-FILM® or Thermo-GRIP® heat transfer materials are simple to order through Custom Made Easy. Both can quickly be heat applied to button-down jerseys with fantastic results.

SimStitch Letters & Numbers

If your customers have their hearts set on twill, SimStitch® heat transfer letters and numbers are your answer. SimStitch Custom Made Easy split fronts give you the great look of twill with an etched stitch appearance – applied with a heat press, they look embroidered. Available in 18 colors of Perma-TWILL® heat transfer fabric , they’re a simple heat applied solution for previously turned away business.

Whatever material you choose, there are several options to make your Custom Made Easy split front design exactly the way you want it. Options available include connected or non-connected background, font, tail or no tail, and overlap type.

With so many simple solutions you won’t want to miss out on your split of the multi-billion dollar personalization pie. Happy decorating.

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