Hat Decoration – Even the Mad Hatter Would Be Impressed with the Possibilities

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Hat decoration is easy and profitable.

The days are getting warmer, birds are singing, and trees are budding – spring has sprung. With spring come the baseball and softball seasons. We’ve paid a lot of attention lately to uniforms, from logos to lettering and numbering. There’s another component unique to baseball/softball uniforms, though – hats.

Hats might be a great add-on sale for football, basketball, hockey, and a host of other sports, but they are an integral part of baseball uniforms. It would be just as silly to see a basketball team wearing helmets as it would to see a baseball team without hats. Decorating hats is easy and inexpensive, though, and is a great way to add to the profitability of your uniform decoration orders.

To keep ballplayers young and old looking sharp, you’ll first need a cap heat press. These can be fitted with different platens so you can decorate any type of and size of cap. Your cap press will allow you to decorate using several different media, including full color digital transfers, heat transfer material, and heat transfer letters and numbers.

While most teams will want (or will be required to have) their logo in the front center of the cap’s crown, you can be creative and suggest other areas for additional decoration. Teams may want player numbers applied to the side or back of the cap, while others may like the idea of a number on the bill of the cap. The side and back are also popular areas for secondary or sponsor logos. Suggest these areas to your customers – they’ll have a unique aspect of their uniform and you’ll have increased profits.

So, if you don’t decorate hats, look into adding this service for your customers – its popularity and profitability will extend well beyond baseball and softball seasons. Visit our page on hat decoration to learn more about the types of hats you can decorate, popular areas for decoration, the best products to use, and possible markets.

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