Spirit Jersey Trend Still Oversized

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Oversized Shirt TrendIn reviewing recent Stahls’ Blog posts, we’ve seen a trend. In late December we named the best products, innovations, and trends of 2015, as well as the most popular blog posts of the year. Oversized (or billboard) shirts made the cut for both lists. From souvenir T-shirt shops to campus bookstores, shirts adorned with shoulder-to-shoulder prints are big sellers.

Now is the time to capitalize on this hot trend. We’ve compiled links to blog posts, videos, and web pages that cover everything from an explanation of the fashion to products that will make your oversized tees look great.


The Stahls’ TV Comprehensive Guide to Oversized is just what the name implies. This collection of information on the trend, with links to instructional videos and even suggestions on where to find these popular garments, covers it all.

Blog Posts

Heat Print Popular Spirit Jerseys – This blog post from January 2015 discusses the trend on college campuses.

A Hot Trend for the New Year – A recent post on Stahls’ Blog discussing the popularity of the trend and how to design and cut (or order) your own designs, as well as popular material options.

Dream Big – Oversized Garments Aren’t a Problem – Featuring a how-to video, this post shows how easy it can be to heat press large designs.

12 Shirts: The Polar Expression – Day 2 of our 12 Shirts of Christmas how-to series featured a billboard crew created with Any Word. Any Way.™ Sublimated SimStitch®.

How-To Videos

Shoulder 2 Shoulder Transfer Order Guide – In this video, Josh Ellsworth walks you through the steps of designing a billboard print in CadworxLIVE® and sending it to Stahls’ for custom cutting.

Heat Printing Billboard Crews with CAD-CUT® Transfers – Josh shows you how to successfully decorate an oversized shirt using CAD-CUT® heat transfer vinyl.

Personalizing Oversized Shirts with Pre-Cuts – Jenna Sackett shows how easy and profitable it can be to decorate oversized shirts with pre-cut letters and numbers from Stahls’. At the close, Josh Ellsworth makes an appearance to go over the pre-cut ordering process.

Stahls’ TV

Heat Print and Profit: Billboard Crews – In this archived live class, Josh shows how easy it is to capitalize on this hot trend.

Transfer Express: Printing Oversized Shirts – Oversized shirts aren’t just good for heat transfer material decoration. Andy Curtiss of Stahls’ Transfer Express shows how you can decorate these popular shirts with screen printed transfers.

6 Steps To Creating A Virtual Glitter Oversized Jersey Samples – Show your customers what you can offer using virtual samples. CadworxLIVE® and downloadable Glitter Flake™ swatches make it easy.

Decorating Oversized Hoodies – Billboard shirts are popular with the ladies, but in this video Josh Ellsworth shows how you can translate this trend for the male market.


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