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Stay on Trend with Specialty Patterned HTV

By now, I’m sure everyone has seen the Bernie Sanders memes floating around the internet. We wanted to get creative and have fun with this new pattern and jump on the bandwagon of merch that celebrates Bernie Sander’s inauguration look! If you aren’t sure what we’re talking about, a quick internet search will bring your right up to speed!

Through our STAHLS’® Creative Studios Collection, you can select Bernie’s Mittens pattern in the classic color way, or choose another color option.

CAD-CUT® Patterns is such a fun and unique way to stand out. Did you know that you can order Patterns in four different ways? That’s right! Check out the different ways you can order:

  • Glitter Patterns — 20″ wide rolls
  • Express Print Patterns — 20″ wide rolls (don’t forget Magic Mask!)
  • CAD-CUT Patterns in 20″ Orajet 3164 Sign Vinyl
  • CAD-CUT Patterns in Sublimation Transfers — 14″ x 20″ sheets

Ordering is easy as 1-2-3: select your pattern, customize your colors, then choose your material and mask. 

Upcoming Specialty Patterned HTV

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Candy, chocolates, and flowers. Check! But how can you make sure your Valentine’s Day gift isn’t so…basic? We have just the thing – add a personalized item using our Valentine’s Day inspired patterned heat transfer vinyl from the Stahls’ Creative Studios Collection. There, you can find our newest addition called – Watercolor Hearts. If you’re not a fan of the typical red and pink color scheme, these hearts come in so many different colorways! Be sure to check them out.

specialty patterned htv watercolor hearts
specialty patterned htv watercolor hearts

St. Patrick’s Day

Shamrocks, Celtic knots, rainbows, and plaid – we have the pattern you need in the heat transfer vinyl material you want. St. Patrick’s Day pattern heat transfer vinyl is sure to make any design stand out. So, while t-shirts are a big draw for customers, don’t stop there. Think of what else you can decorate for this fun, festive holiday. Drinkware would be an ideal option! Order a festive St. Patrick Day pattern in Sign Vinyl and decorate a tumbler. What a perfect way to personalize something to hold your green beer. Check out the latest pattern below called – Watercolor Shamrocks.

specialty patterned htv watercolor shamrocks

Hopefully, this new specialty patterned HTV inspires you to try some upcoming seasonal looks! Let us know if you venture away from traditional Express Print Patterns and try one of our other methods – like sign vinyl or sublimation transfers. We can also create custom logos with any pattern, mentioned in this blog post. Be sure to tag us on Facebook in any of your Bernie, Valentine’s, or St. Patrick’s Day looks!

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