Soft Opaque Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

The Right Choice in Printable HTV

For eye-catching, full color products and services, STAHLS’ offers printable heat transfer vinyl for any application. Whether you’re a print/cut beginner looking to branch out, or a print/cut pro in need of a premium product to set you apart, STAHLS’ CAD-COLOR® line has a product to meet your needs.

For the majority of your print/cut needs, CAD-COLOR® Express Print® is your go-to. It’s perfect for cotton and polyester, and performs well with Lycra®/Spandex blends. Its easy weeding, quick masking, and hot peel make it a production favorite. For standard full-color print/cut application, Express Print® should be your first choice.

But what if you need to heat print nylon? Unfortunately, Express Print® will not work with nylon. But, don’t fret – we have a solution. This is where SuperTEK® Opaque comes in. SuperTEK® Opaque has excellent stretch and rebound, and a great opacity for printing on dark garments. Not only can it print on nylon, but Cordura®, leather, and neoprene too. Along with its flex and versatility, SuperTEK® Opaque is incredibly durable. One of the reasons for its durability is that it is thicker than most other CAD-COLOR® products.

If you’re looking for all that SuperTEK® Opaque offers, but prefer it to be a thinner material, then CAD-COLOR® Soft Opaque is the printable HTV you’re looking for. This material is a lot thinner at 45 microns. A barely-there feel unlike any other product. Because of how thin this printable heat transfer vinyl is, it needs a little more TLC when using this product. If you’re a print/cut pro who needs a full-color print with a soft, stretchable feel, look no further than CAD-COLOR® Soft Opaque. Want the great feel of Soft Opaque without the extra time and attention needed? Let STAHLS’ Custom Cut services do the work for you.

Expand your palette with the variety of printable heat transfer vinyl materials and services offered by STAHLS’. Your customers will love the look and feel of Soft Opaque. Express Print® is versatile and easy to use making it the perfect go-to in your shop. But when you need to decorate difficult fabrics, the stretch and adaptability of SuperTEK® Soft Opaque means you always have a trick up your sleeve.

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