Heat Print on Demand with Pre-Cuts

If you have a heat press and are thinking about getting into the game of personalizing team uniforms, Pre-Cuts offer the most cost-effective way to decorate sports uniforms.

Another benefit of having Pre-Cut Letters and Numbers in stock? They’re perfect for the customer that just came into your shop wanting something personalized on the spot. There are no screens to burn or clean, no waste from a vinyl cutter. Simply pick it, place it, and press it!

Pre-Cuts are an affordable way to offer your customers STAHLS’ high quality heat transfer vinyl. Not only are Pre-Cuts available in the world’s #1 choice in athletic HTV material, CAD-CUT® Thermo-FILM® Heat Transfer Vinyl, they’re available in special-effect finishes such as Glitter Flake™, Metallic, and Reflective II. Just think, you can add an up-charge to an already decorated spirit wear item by having Pre-Cuts on hand ready to personalize on the fly.

Whether your customer is looking for a name, initials, or graduation year, Pre-Cut Letter and Number kits are the perfect way to be able to fulfill their order on-demand. Kits contain an assortment of all letters in the alphabet (or of each digit), and can be organized in a storage box (sold separately). If you find yourself running out of any particular letter or number, individual packs can be ordered to help replenish your stock. It couldn’t be easier or more convenient.

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