Top Questions About SimStitch Answered

It’s no secret we’re big fans of SimStitch® from its amazing profit potential to the high-end looks it helps you create – and we know you’ll be fans too – once you get it in your hands.

We asked our amazing Customer Service team for the most common questions about SimStitch® they answer from our curious customers. Have questions yourself? Read on, we’ve got answers.

Is it permanent?

Yes! Unlike other twill products that require sewing after heat pressing to be permanently applied – SimStitch® requires only a heat press for permanent application.

Can I use an iron to apply?

We don’t recommend an iron for proper application of SimStitch®. An iron can’t provide accurate temperature and the consistent, reliable pressure of a heat press. Need to buy a heat press? Check out the Heat Press Buying Guide.

Does it have a sticky backing?

No, the adhesive backing is not pressure sensitive.

Does it come on a carrier now?

When you order SimStitch® Custom Cut or Any Word. Any Way.™ SimStitch® or Sublimated SimStitch® your order will arrive pre-aligned on a carrier for fast, single step placement and application. Learn more about pre-aligned SimStitch®.

SimStitch® letters and numbers arrive loose for manual placement – but here’s a tutorial to show you how to create your own pre-aligned names and team numbers with two simple tools.

Does SimStitch® come in Kiss Cut?

Not at this time.

Does it need to be sewn?

SimStitch® is permanently applied with only a heat press. Zero sewing is required.

Can stitching on SimStitch® be a different color than the twill?

 The SimStitch® effect is laser etched to look like actual stitches – so there’s no way to change the color of the “stitching.”

Are two colors a one-step application or two?

 A two-color application requires a two-step application, apply the background first, followed by the foreground.

Does it come in alternative stitch options, like straight or satin stitch?

At this time we only produce a zig-zag stitch effect.

 Can it be combined with other heat transfer materials?

Yes!  Check out this blog to see some multimedia designs with SimStitch®.

Ready to order? Download the At a Glance to learn more about all the options, or login to your account to order a sample today.

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