Show Off with the Sports Number Tool

Seeing is believing, especially when you’re buying something. How often have you bought anything, from fresh fruit to a new shirt, without seeing what you were getting? If you’re like most people, not very often. Usually, people want to see what they’re getting before they pay for it.

The newest marketing tool from Stahls’ helps you overcome that obstacle. The new Sports Number Tool is available to all Stahls’ customers and allows you to show your customers what different number styles will look like on their jerseys. The Number Tool opens in a new window and displays no Stahls’ branding, meaning you can feel free to show it to your customers without revealing any pricing or product information.

With the Sports Number Tool, you can display available Pre-Cut and Pre-Spaced numbers in various colors and see what they look like on different colors of shirt. Once you select a design, you can have it emailed to you as a PDF file to include in a presentation, print out, or email to your customer.

Plus it’s free, and easy to use:

1. Simply log into your account on or, and click on “My Account” in the upper-right corner and select “Marketing Support” from the menu.

2. On the Marketing Support page, select the Sports Number Tool. A new window will open.

3. Enter a 1-2 digit number and select your font style. Number Styles can be narrowed down by Sport (Baseball, Football, Basketball, etc.) or Font Category (Basic, Block, Script, etc.) or by both.

4. Next select your foreground, background, and shirt colors. The tool will now show what your selected font looks like in the colors chosen, on the color of shirt you’ll be decorating.

5. Details of the number you’ve chosen are displayed on the right side of the tool, along with a field for notes, messages, or quotes, and fields for your name and email address so you can send yourself a PDF copy of the number style you just created.

The tool is a great way to show your customers the many number styles available to them and to help them create a unique uniform. Try it today!


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