12 days of christmas

Rudolph’s Not the Only One Running

by Danielle Petroskey, Marketing

12 Shirts: 5K Run Run Reindeer

On the first shirt of Christmas, we printed a “Santa, did you get my text?” Screen Printed Transfer
On the second shirt of Christmas, we printed “North Pole” Plaid Text with Light String
On the third shirt of Christmas, we printed a “Dear Santa, I Want It All” Rhinestone Transfer
On the fourth shirt of Christmas, we printed a “Hairy Christmas” Screen Printed Transfer
On the fifth shirt of Christmas, we printed a “Harwood Winter Fest” Nailhead Transfer with Pre-Cut Letters
On the sixth shirt of Christmas, we printed a “Santa’s Pawfect Helper” Nailhead Transfer & Pre-Cut Letters
On the seventh shirt of Christmas, we printed a “Get Your Jingle On” Rhinestone Transfer
On the eighth shirt of Christmas, we printed a “Christmas Craft Fair” Screen Printed Transfer
On the ninth shirt of Christmas, we printed a “Coach K’s Elves” Heat Transfer Material Design

On the tenth shirt of Christmas, we printed a 5K Reindeer Run Screen Printed Transfer

Most people who know me, know I am not a runner. Walking perhaps, but running? Just not my thing, especially in cold weather. But, unlike me, there are thousands of people who love to run in all seasons. And for those who like to participate in organized events; 5K, 10K, ½ marathons, and marathons (what are they thinking?!) ;-), there’s always a T-shirt involved to commemorate the event. This is where you come in. Can you imagine decorating those T-shirts, for thousands of runners? I can! You know what else runners buy? Running shoes! Yes, you can personalize shoes with a heat press, too!

Then there are people like me, who like to support others who run, or just like to wear T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and scarves with fun event names like the Hot Chocolate Run (I might consider running if there’s hot chocolate involved – ha! maybe not, but would definitely sip hot chocolate wrapped in a can cooler with the event name on it while waiting for the runners to finish). Some other awesome creative names I’ve seen are the ‘12K’s of Christmas’, the ‘Dashing Through the Snow Run’, ‘Candy Cane Course’, ‘Winter Wonderland Run’, – there are almost as many event names as there are runners.

So you see, there are thousands of opportunities to decorate all sorts of items for those who love to run. Read on to learn how to create this fun 5K Reindeer Run T-shirt.

Items used:
Goof Proof® custom screen printed transfer from TransferExpress.com, designed in the Easy View® designer
Easy Prints® Layout # QTK-74

12 Shirts: 5K Run Run ReindeerTools Needed:
Heat press

Garment: Sweatshirt, T-shirt, hoodie, etc.

Tip-StockingTip: Transfer Express offers blank apparel and accessories for heat application.


Heat Press Settings:
Temperature: 360-370° F
Pressure: Medium/Firm (#6-8 on Hotronix® heat presses)

Tip-StockingTip: Preheat the bottom heat press platen before applying transfer; lock the top platen down for 60 seconds. This helps the ink to flow properly during application.

Application Instructions:

• Cut the extra transfer (included in your order) into 4 pieces and apply on test material until desired results are achieved.

• Place garment on lower platen and press it for 3-5 seconds to remove wrinkles and moisture.

• Place the transfer ink-side down on the garment.

Tip-StockingTip: Use the grid lines on the back of the transfer to lay it out in the desired position on the garment.

• Heat apply for 3-5 seconds.

• While its still hot (be careful), peel off the transfer paper quickly in a smooth, even motion.

Tip-StockingTip: Dog-ear a corner of the transfer for easy peeling after heat application.


Check out this Goof Proof transfer application video.

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