How to Make the Right Choice in Reflective

The reflective heat transfer vinyl trend is on the rise, no longer limited to roadside workers and first-responders. This HTV finish can be found on athleisure, street apparel and more. Because of this growing trend and expanding market, Stahls’ has reflective options available giving your customers the visibility, flexibility and performance to best fit their needs. Below outlines which reflective material will work best for your next project:

CAD-CUT® Hi-Vis Color Reflect

Retroreflective technology in the brightest colors available for markets from sportswear to fashion and more.

  • Premium reflective beyond safety gray for a high-end, high value finished look.
  • Create the same trending looks as big brands to meet customer demand.

CAD-CUT® 3M Scotchlite 5807

High quality retroreflective performance for safety regulated markets.

  • Use when you need to provide high quality ANSI approved, retroreflective performance for safety regulated markets.
  • Ideal for perfect for high visibility apparel needs.

CAD-CUT® Reflective II

Affordable reflective special effects for apparel and accessories.

  • Expand your market with a reflective special effect finish for up to 40% less than other reflective materials.
  • Reflective effect for added visibility and style on backpacks, jackets, performance wear, uniforms, and more.

Watch the video for more about all of the options in reflective materials or download the Reflective Materials Comparison Chart.

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