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Why Use Different Heat Press Platens

Original air date: May 4, 2020

Interchangeable heat press platens should be a part of every heat printer’s toolbox. When heat pressing you don’t want any seams, buttons, zippers in the way. In this 30-minute webinar, Jennifer takes you through the lineup of Hotronix Heat Press Platens and when to use each one.

Why change your platen?

You don’t want any seems, buttons, zippers in the way when you’re heat pressing. The heat and pressure can damage crack buttons. It also causes uneven pressure which means the logo won’t make the right contact with the heat.

What’s the most popular platen?

This answer is going to depend on what you’re heat pressing. Based on what Hotronix Heat Press owners are purchasing, 11×15 is the most popular, 6×10, then the 8×10.

How do I know if my heat press is compatible with the quick change platens?

Reach out to Hotronix directly with your serial number and they will be able to help you determine what platen to order.

Enjoy the replay!

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2 thoughts on “Why Use Different Heat Press Platens”

  1. Is there any pressure adjustments needed when going from a 16×20 to a smaller platen? Thinking going from a large area to a small might have some effects

  2. Hi Mike – yes, pressure adjustment is needed when you go down to a smaller press. Especially when you’re using the 4″x4″ platen.

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