Confessions of a Plaid Addict…Continued

Stahls’ introduces the latest fashion in plaids, Boxercraft® fabrics.

By Elaine Sables, Marketing

Plaid Boxercraft
Red & Black Plaid from Boxercraft

Truth be known, I’ve never met a plaid pattern that I didn’t like. However, I do admit that I can’t resist the madras pattern. Thanks to the Boxercraft brand, I can support my unique addiction with their affordable selections. Stahls’ has added the Red/Black plaid to our growing selection of Boxercraft® fabrics. Decorators can take advantage of these popular patterns as a custom cut appliqué, appliqué shapes, auto-stitch letters and numbers, or choose from our Any Word. Any Way.™ selection. Great for college, sorority and fraternity wear.

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2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Plaid Addict…Continued”

  1. Any chance this is available in royal/white? I need a permanent adhesive 8″ letter K in a royal/white plaid. I’m not sure where to find this! Thanks!

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