CorelDRAW® Video Tutorial

Learn how to create your own Overlap Split Front design.

By Juliet Kalmeta

Overlap Split Front Example
Overlap Split Front Example

Ahhhh……the infamous Overlap Split Front! Is it really that hard to create one of the most popular baseball uniform layouts? Absolutely not…well, not after you watch this CorelDRAW video tutorial!

In this video you will learn how to create the Overlap Split Front artwork using CorelDRAW. This a great feature for anyone decorating sports jerseys and uniforms.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, let Stahls’ do it for you. Check out the line of Custom Made Easy products.

Here are some other helpful online training videos on how to create an Overlap Split Front design, using TwillStitch and CadworxLIVE.

  • Own TwillStitch Pro™ or TwillStitchPro PLUS™? Watch this training video and learn how to make the sew files for an Overlap Split Front layout!
  • Each side of the Overlap Slip Front is hooped separately. Watch this training video for useful tips on aligning each side of the Overlap Split Front while sewing!
  • What if you don’t have CorelDraw®? Then visit! CadworxLIVE has overlap split front templates already made up for you! Just save the files as a PLT format (HPGL plotter file) to use TwillStitch Pro™ or TwillStitchPro PLUS™.

CorelDRAW Overlap Split Front Video Tutorial from Stahls ID Direct.

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  1. Hi Joe,

    Stahls’ provides sew files with the following extensions: DST, EXP, and .10O. There are numerous software applications available that will allow you to convert other formats into PES files (including PE-Design® from Brother). Check your digitizing software to see if you can import DST files (or other file formats) and save as PES.

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