Patriotism, Soccer, Geometry, and Decorated Numbers

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

The soccer ball sports texture fill effect.

As the US soccer team tries today to advance to the second round down in Brazil, we continue our series on decorating for soccer. And since the US is playing its 3rd game, and 16 of 32 teams make it to the 2nd round, it’s a good time to talk about numbers. Or more specifically, number effects.

Stahls’ CAD-PRINTZ® Full Color Digital Number Effects give you the ability to offer unique, eye-catching uniform numbers for jerseys, equipment bags, fan and spirit wear, and more. There are a variety of fill effects from which to choose, many of which we’ve discussed in past blog posts. From camouflage to flames to animal prints and plaid, these designs really stand out and follow the recent trend in professional and college sports of having designs inside uniform numbers.

In addition to the special effects listed above, Stahls’ also offers sport-specific fill effects, one of which is the iconic soccer ball design, the (truncated) icosahedron. Yup, I said it. Icosahedron. You know, the ball with white hexagons and black pentagons? The buckyball (so named because it resembles a geodesic dome, popularized by architect Buckminster Fuller)?

Ok, now that I’m done getting all geometric on you, back to the fill effects. Designs for baseball, basketball, football, and soccer are available, and add an extra pop to normally plain uniform numbers. You can use your heat press to apply these CAD-PRINTZ full color digital transfers almost anywhere, making them perfect for hats, bags, T-shirts, and anywhere else a proud player (or parent) wants to display his uniform number.

The fill effects discussion has now come full circle. Next time one of your customers is looking for a unique design element to add to their soccer jerseys, give them a square deal and suggest CAD-PRINTZ Number Effects.

Oh, and good luck to Team USA!

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