Interns Gain Real-World Experience

by Michael G., Intern

Mike is making many memories in Marketing.

I’m a senior at Ferris State University where I major in sports marketing. This summer, I have the privilege of being an intern in the Stahls’ ID Direct Marketing department, where I’m having an internship experience like no other.

Instead of running to get bagels and coffee like most interns, I gain hands-on experience in marketing. Stahls’ is providing me with a well-rounded opportunity that will give me experience in the different aspects of marketing. I have the opportunity to gain experience in the meeting room, work with heat presses and heat transfer materials, acquire product/company knowledge, practice my writing and editing skills, and be able to practice some necessary time-management skills. These projects are giving me real-life work experience that will be helpful to jump-start my career.

My favorite experience this far has been sitting in on the brainstorming meetings to gather marketing ideas. The meetings have taught me to look at things in different perspectives, and also how to take someone’s good idea and turn it into a great one, as a group.

The most important lesson I have learned at Stahls’ is our core value of excellent customer service. Stahls’ customer service provides companies with a win-win opportunity: someone that will go the extra mile and treats them uniquely. Witnessing this day-in and day-out has exposed me to effective customer relationship management.

Stahls’ also takes the same philosophy internally; by being very welcoming and supportive, the Stahls’ family provides a work atmosphere like no other. With excellent teamwork, great communication, and positive people, Stahls’ creates a motivating work atmosphere.

I’m very much looking forward the rest of my internship here at Stahls’.


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