Northeast Apparel Decorating Show

Join Ken Chadwick of the GSSA, and others, to see the latest in heat printing technology.

By Jeanine Flannery

There are many national and large regional shows throughout the year. In the Northeast, we have the ISS Atlantic City Show every March, supplemented by individual apparel company expos. GroupeSTAHL Sales Alliance is hosting a decorating show with 11 New England sales reps with over 60 lines being represented. You’ll see the latest from Stahls’ ID, Transfer Express, Imprintables Warehouse and Hotronix.

What you’ll see: Fusion™ Heat Press, full color digital transfers, newest heat transfer vinyls and screen printed transfers.

Here’s where we’ll be:

Bring your decorating challenges and we’ll show you the possibilities.

For more information please call Ken Chadwick @ 617-312-7453

We hope to see you there!

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