Are you up on the latest decorating trends?

Welcome back to part 3 of a 4 part series on the latest decorating trends in the market today.

By Paul Sabatini

Logo Placement
Team Placement

Placement of team logos or designs on any part of the garment has become a popular trend.  In fact if you apply a design to the center of the garment some may consider this old school. Placement is drastically changing and there is no longer standard placement for a logo.

Teams are looking for new and creative ways to stand out. Try out these layout ideas and see what you think. Up the sleeve or under the armpit or vertical designs down the front of the shirt or down the pant leg.

Think Pre-Spaced Player Names or Vertical Player Names when looking to decorate a garment with a unique placement. Having the name or design pre-positioned on a carrier will make it easier with placement and lining up the graphic.

If you have a design or unique logo that you are looking to apply in a non-traditional area, try using our CAD-CUT® logos. Each color is a separate layer and comes to you pre-spaced on a carrier for easy placement. You can upload your artwork to our design specialist to process your order.

Check out this great video from Josh Ellsworth on decorating a garment with an all over design.

Helpful selling tip: Unique placement areas of down the sides of sweatpants and sleeves are popular at the school levels. Decorate some samples in your store with the local school names to attract that business.

Look for the final trend (Unique Designs) later this month.

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2 thoughts on “Are you up on the latest decorating trends?”

  1. I use Prism regularly with rhinestones and now am starting to be asked if it comes in other colors. Isn’t that a great idea? I would love to see it in black, red, royal and gold! It just gives a very classy look to women’s apparel–especially great on burnout shirts.

  2. Hi Jan- That is a great idea! Have you tried the new CAD-CUT(R) Hologram? It comes it 10 colors and also looks great used with rhinestones. Would love to see pictures of how you’re using our products!

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