Kick It Out With Courtney at SGIA 2011


Only a few weeks left until SGIA New Orleans and Stahls’ Heat Printing Zone! What better time or place for you to begin thinking of ways you can spice up your garments and increase your profits?

This year, Stahls’  will be presenting unique educational sessions to help you keep up with current trends and stay ahead of the competition. From team business to fashion wear and accessories, there will be something for everyone! And they’re FREE.

I’ll be leading 4 of the discussions. My personal favorite, Reinventing Names and Numbers for Team Business for Technical Fabrics and Beyond, follows team uniform trends from unique designs to those difficult compression fabrics. We’ll show you how to create eye-catching looks that will stretch and move with the athletes.

Want to expand your product offering and increase sales? Join us for Kick It Out to discover how to increase your sales by customizing footwear.  We’ll show you which tools are needed and walk you through the process to help you start making big profits.

These are just a few of the exciting things going on in New Orleans. Come on down to SGIA.  Enjoy some Jazz music, great food, and learn what’s new in heat printing.

For a full schedule of sessions in Stahls’ Heat Printing Zone click here.

Video Invite: Stahls’ Heat Printing Zone: Courtney Matlick

By the way, Stahls’ ID Direct and Transfer Express will also be there with great show specials in booth #1245.

Stop in and introduce yourself!

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