Creating the Perfect Photo Shoot

Models, make-up & more!

By Cara Cherry

2010 Photoshoot
2010 Stahls’ Photoshoot

Over the years the Stahls’ catalog has taken different forms. Something that has remained though is the desire to photograph garments and showcase Stahls’ products in the best way possible.  One of the ways that we do this is by having a professional photo shoot each year. These pictures are also used online, in print ads and in direct mail pieces.

Since I started working here in 2006, I have had the pleasure of working on five different photo shoots (four for Stahls’ ID Direct and one for Transfer Express).  Prior to my hiring, many of the models that were featured were employee family members.  We were pretty fortunate to have such great looking family members and friends, but it was very clear to me it can be difficult to coordinate them as they often have jobs, school and other responsibilities.

Professional models, although more expensive, often have great experience. They also know how to work the camera, how to walk, pose, tilt their head, and showcase a variety of expressions. We decided to start using professional models and after checking a few different agencies out, I met with Marsha Bassi from Productions Plus the Talent Shop and since then she and I have worked closely to bring together a good looking and diverse group of talent to each shoot.

Since the models are a key element in making the pictures a success and helping to make our products look amazing, I thought it might be fun to introduce you to a few of them. The new pictures will feature nine different models. Starting next week, I’ll introduce you to a few of them.  More than just a pretty face, this year’s talent is full of aspiring actors, pageant winners and stars in the making!

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