Ioline Flat Bed Cutter Video Tutorial

Learn how to open a design file with the Ioline software.

By Juliet Kalmeta

For all the Ioline flat bed cutter users out there getting ready for the busy season, I thought I would send this quick online video tutorial on how to open a file into the Ioline™ 101 or Ioline™ 301 program.  This lesson will help you learn how to export a file from CorelDraw® as a PLT (HPGL plotter) file so you are able to cut and create a sew file with your cutter.

Here are the basic steps the video will review:

  1. Create vector art in a graphic art program such as CorelDraw®, Adobe Illustrator™, or
  2. Export the file as a PLT format or save as a DXF format
  3. Browse to where you want the file to be located and name the file
  4. Open the Ioline™ software
  5. Browse to the file location
  6. Select the file name
  7. Select ‘Load Import File’

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