I just bought a heat press! Now what?

by Bruce Weiandt, GroupeSTAHL Sales Alliance representing DC,DE,MD,NC,VA,WV

Hotronix® Auto Clam Heat Press

You’ve  purchased a heat press? Great news, you’re in business!

Now the question is, what do I offer? For anyone new to the business and even for veterans, the amount of product that you can apply with your heat press can seem overwhelming.

No worries! That’s we’re here for.

You will run into some very common questions:

– Can you do multi-color?
– Can you do low runs?
– Do you offer something that stretches?
– Can I have it quickly?

The answer is yes! We can help you offer all of these things to your customers.  The questions above  often can seem challenging at first, but we have the solutions.

How many colors and how much detail is in the design? These two questions are going to steer you into a product line. If you have a lot of colors and detail, you are pretty much always going to be going with CAD-PRINTZ™ full color digital transfers. These will allow as many colors and detail as you want. If you have one or two colors, you will most likely be going with a heat transfer material product.

Other things to consider are what your application is, what type of garment you will be printing on, and if you need the product to be able to stretch. Sometimes, there will be more than one way to get the same job done. At that point, you will be considering which method is the most cost effective.

Until you have been operating for a while, you will probably have a lot of questions. We look forward to them! Our staff is very well trained in all of Stahls’ products and solutions for your printing needs. Please contact us to help you find the best solutions.

Contact your GSSA Rep. We are the outside sales team for Stahls’. If you have a project that you think you will have to say “no” to, contact us first.

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  1. Hi, I have a question. I just got a Heat press for Christmas, and I have a book on it but after I set the timer, it doesn’t run. What am I doing wrong? I need the alarm to know when to lift the top off.

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