How To Heat Print on Towels with Flock

by Karin Bellinghausen, Marketing

We are often asked if you can heat print on towels. The answer is yes. Although most people associate embroidery with towels, it is possible and profitable to use a heat press to decorate towels with great results.

Some of you might be wondering, who needs custom printed towels? Here is a short list of ideas:

  • Golf tournaments
  • Hockey, baseball, basketball, and other sports teams
  • Bowlers
  • Fan towels at sports events
  • Swim meets
  • Nail salons
  • Tanning salons
  • Mechanics
  • Hair salons

A good option for towels is our Flock heat transfer material  – it has a soft, velvety hand, just like the towel. You can use small pre-cut letters and numbers, in fonts  such as Cooper or Jiminy Cricket in Thermo-FLOCK® heat transfer material, use a vinyl cutter to cut your own custom lettering, or order custom cut logos and lettering. Heat application on towels takes just seconds. Here are the time, temperature and pressure settings for heat printing Thermo-FLOCK:

Time: 8-10 seconds
Temp: 330 degrees
Pressure: Light

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