Offer Letters & Numbers Like the Pros

by Paul Sabatini, Customer Service

Ballpark Letters & Numbers

Remember being a kid and wanting to look like your favorite professional team?  I do, and if you still participate in sports you still want to look like the pros.

Whether you’re trying to win a bid for the local baseball rec league or you’ve been chosen to customize a travel baseball team, why not provide a different number style? Everyone has used the standard number fonts, which are still very popular, but a little change might do you (and them) some good.

Ball Park custom letters and numbers give you that option.  You can look like the pros or provide a custom font for your customers’ letters or numbers. They’re a great alternative to the standard number styles, allowing you to get a look similar to professional team names being used by the local league or to offer more styles to your customers. Available in Thermo-FILM®, Poly-TWILL™, and Thermo-GRIP® heat transfer materials, Ballpark letters and numbers allow you to choose from 33 different styles and are easily applied with your heat press.

When bidding on a job, include both the standard and customized fonts in your quote.   By offering more options you will become known for your versatility and ability to offer more to your customers.

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2 thoughts on “Offer Letters & Numbers Like the Pros”

  1. Hi
    I need a quote for Name and Numbers on back qty 50 black and 50 white I Do Not have artwork yet my customer just wants a quote block easiest one to press

  2. Hi Tina. Check out our Pre-Spaced Text & Number services. Pricing is based on the size of your letters and numbers, as well as the material selected. You can build a mock order to view pricing on the product page. If you have questions, our Customer Service team can assist at 800-478-2457. Thanks!

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