How To: Add Personalization to Duffel Bags

Easily Add Reflective Accents to Gym Bags

As an apparel decorator, chances are you’ve heat applied workout tanks, tees, hoodies, and other athletic apparel. But have you ever thought to heat press a gym bag? A duffel is essential for transporting clothes, shoes, and other necessities to and from the gym — or if you’re working out from home, it keeps all your things in one place. With a few heat press accessories and the right heat transfer vinyl, adding custom designs is possible! Take advantage of this opportunity by offering your customers a full head-to-toe look that keeps them looking good while feeling good — and boosts your profits.

What You Need:

How to Apply:

  1. Preheat press to 325°F
  2. Unzip duffel pocket and position on lower platen – keeping seams and zippers off the heat press platen
  3. Place weeded Hi-Vis Color Reflect design face down on duffel – make sure it’s straight
  4. Place cover sheet over design and press – Time: 20 sec, Pressure: Medium, Peel: Cold

Watch the video below to see Jenna heat apply a custom design.

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