5 Reasons To Choose CAD-CUT® UltraWeed™ HTV

All Heat Transfer Vinyl is NOT Created Equal

With so many materials on the market, it’s hard to narrow down a favorite. Maybe you find yourself grabbing one vinyl for cotton T-shirts and another for thinner fabrics, or one in bright and metallic colors and one that’s easy to layer. Not all heat transfer vinyl is created equal, but we’ve launched a new material that boasts the top qualities your apparel business wants and so much more — CAD-CUT® UltraWeed™ HTV.

Here are the top 5 reasons to choose UltraWeed™ for your shop:

  1. ULTRA-Easy to Weed
  2. Matte Finish
  3. Thinner
  4. Low Temp
  5. Amazing Detail

ULTRA-Easy to Weed

From its tacky carrier for an effortless weeding experience, to the hot peel after heat pressing, this vinyl is so easy to use and will quickly become a production favorite.

Matte Finish

This vinyl looks great! Bright, vibrant colors with a popular matte finish is the perfect combination for any project.


Thinner means a softer feel on the items you make. Whether you’re creating a one-color design or layering colors, UltraWeed™ feels great on any garment without added weight.

Low Temp

This vinyl can really do it all. Heat press heat-sensitive items like leggings, performance tees, tri-blends, or even faux leather accessories without scorching or leaving the dreaded heat press box.

Amazing Detail

This photo says it all! UltraWeed™ can handle nearly any amount of detail with ease. The crystal clear, tacky carrier helps keep designs in place or allows for easy repositioning.

CAD-CUT® UltraWeed™ heat transfer vinyl is the ultimate material for everyday projects. It was designed with your decorating needs in mind and we’re confident it’ll quickly become your new go-to for any job. Check out what other customers have to say about it and get inspired by their creations.

Take the UltraWeed™ Challenge

To really understand how this vinyl compares to the rest, you need to try it for yourself. Buy a 1-yard cut in any color for only $9.99 + free shipping. If for any reason you don’t like it, we’ll give you your money back*.

*Refund applies to your first 1-yard cut only.

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