Heat Transfer Letters, Numbers, and Appliqué

by Peggy Elliott

Stahls’ ID and Stahls’ Canada have a new look and feel to their website. The website is broken down into various product categories.  Choose Heat Transfer Letters, Numbers and Appliqué for products to personalize apparel. These products include stock letters and numbers, also known as pre-cuts, the most economical way to letter and number t-shirts, jersey’s, bags, and caps. You’ll also find labor saving options with pre-spaced text and numbers. They arrive pre-aligned saving you layout time.

Appliqué and other fun shapes are located in this section and include our new Reflective Safety Designs.
You can also find the ever popular NHL® Player Kits for decorating professional hockey jerseys.

Each page is interactive allowing you to post questions and provide reviews of our products. Your suggestions and comments are very valuable to us. We’re anxious to hear your feedback!

Stay tuned, next time we’ll feature the heat transfer papers and foils category!

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