Happy Thanksgiving From Our Family to Yours

by Jodi Weiler,  Customer Service

Stahls' ID wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving filled with fun, flavor and togetherness, while remembering those who can't be with you.
We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving filled with fun, flavor and togetherness, while remembering.

Thanksgiving is a time of remembrance. We reflect on the founding of this country and the sacrifice undertaken to bring a vision of freedom to life on new ground, in new territory.  Here at Stahls’ ID this year, we also remember Ricki Stahl 1918-2011, who was instrumental in the founding of our company and whose legacy of a mother’s love perseveres.  Several of our employees have lost a parent, in-law, or other loved one over the past year as well and we would like to remember you, too.  Those of us who have already experienced the loss of a loved one in years past empathize with you as you embark on your first holiday season negotiating the void of a physical presence with the saturation of memory and tradition that remains.

Additionally, some of our family members cannot join us this Thanksgiving because they have committed to the ultimate sacrifice of serving in the military. Maybe you have a loved one who does not live close and could not make the journey home.

So it is, that this Thursday, we set a table and gather together with those we love who are present. We make a meal steeped deep in tradition and garnished with life, love and laughter. We delight in the joy of our youth and are tutored by the wisdom and experience of our elders. We may take a nap or watch the game. We tell stories and jokes. We simply enjoy the art of being together.

At Stahls’ we keep in mind that whether in business or in our personal lives, it is our relationships with people that are most important and for which we are truly grateful. From our family to yours, we wish you all the fun, flavor and togetherness  Thanksgiving has to offer.

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