Give Thanks for Heat Presses

 By Matt DeLaere, Marketing

     Heat Presses Are Something For Which To Be Thankful

Heat print a veritable cornucopia of items.

It’s the time of year for family, football, and turkey (though not necessarily in that order), as well as school plays depicting the Plymouth Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians sitting down to the first Thanksgiving feast.  We all know that the stereotypical Pilgrim wore a tall black or brown hat adorned with a buckle, but what if heat presses had been around back then?

Imagine the possibilities that come with a hat with such a large printable area. The Pilgrims could have personalized their hats with their names, making introductions to their native neighbors much easier. A slew of commemorative hats also could have been made, with catchy slogans like “Thanksgiving: The Tradition Begins,” or, more in the dialect of the day, “Rejoyce ye harvest and partake of much fowle!”  Modern kindergarteners would hate the idea, as imitation Pilgrim hats would no longer be as simple as a rolled-up piece of construction paper, but this alternate history still is worth considering.

If they did have cap heat presses, the Pilgrims surely would have watched this video of the “Heads Up: Embellishing Headwear” session at SGIA Expo 2011  (if we can believe that they had heat presses, we can certainly believe that they’d have Youtube). In it, Juliet Kalmeta of Stahls’ ID shows how a cap press makes decoration of hats, bags, umbrellas, and even leather goods quick and easy. Methinks the Plymouth crowd would have been just as impressed as I was with the Heat Press Camera, too.

So watch the video and learn how you can succeed where the Pilgrims failed.  You’re sure to be thankful for the decorating options provided by Hotronix®  heat presses.

Video: Heads Up: Embellishing Headwear” session at SGIA Expo 2011

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