Letter-Perfect Garment Designs – Where to Find Great Fonts

Having the perfect font “spell it out for you” can really bring some attention to a design.

By Stahls’ ID Blog Editor

Letterpress letters
With a vinyl cutter, and downloaded fonts, you can create the pefect-looking design. No longer are your lettering choices set in stone.

Fonts are fun!  But, what if you don’t have the perfect font for the job?  Here are some helpful links to help you find what you are looking for, and what to do once you find it.

Free Fonts

Here are some sites I like to use for free fonts. (Be sure you read the fine print before downloading to make sure your use fits within the copyright.)


This site not only does all the “hard work” for you, like creating the layout of the text, but it also includes some of Stahls’ popular fonts!


I like the layout of this site and its custom preview option….so you can see your text in the font.


I like this site because they have many free fonts.


Sometimes I find a certain font on this site that is not on any of the others.

Non-Free Fonts

You can also purchase fonts and may find that the offer flexibility that may not be available with free ones.

ww.fonts.com or www.myfonts.com

Most likely you will buy the font from whatever site has it, but these are a couple popular sites.

Now that you’ve found the perfect font, what do you do with it?  You will first have to download the font from the web site and extract the file (with the exception of CadworxLive).  Here are tips on how to install font into your PC…

Windows 98 – Vista:

-Select Start and Control Panel

-Select the Font Folder (if you do not see a font folder you will need to select switch to classic view on the left side of the screen.)

-Select File and Install New Font (Windows Vista; you may have to select the Alt key to see your properties bar).

-Set the Drive to where the fonts are located (I.e.: If the fonts are on a disk, choose the disk drive).

-In the Folders Menu, navigate to the folder the fonts are located and double click.

-You will see a message that reads ‘Retrieving Fonts’ and then display the font names.

-Select the font name you wish to install

-Select OK

Windows 7:

Extract the fonts to a folder on your drive.

Double-click on every font that you want to install

-Click on “Install”

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  1. I know this is old, but your link to “dafonts” is incorrect. The actual website is dafont.com, it’s a great resource.

  2. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Luke! I’ve had the post updated to reflect the correct link.

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