Appliqué: Save Time, Save Stitches!

Every businessman knows that time = money. And every embroiderer knows that stitches = money. Save both!

By Peggy Elliott

Girl in sweatshirt with applique lettering
Applique lettering saves stitch count and allows you to produce classic team and school looks quickly.

If you embroider, appliqué is a great way to save time and lower stitch count, while still producing a great-looking design for your apparel and accessories. The most popular appliqué fabric is tackle twill or Poly-TWILL™, but other fabrics such as Boxercraft® plaids, Wool Felt, and Glacier Twill may also be used.

Let’s say the color black makes up a large portion of your design. The twill or appliqué portion of the design could be used in place of the black stitches, leaving all other colors and details to be sewn. Using twill in this manner can potentially save lots of stitches. Appliqué sample kits are a great marketing tool that can help get you started and help you promote the service within your store!

Editor’s Note: if you’re looking for more information about embroidery, EnMart has a nice blog.

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