Everyone’s Excited About the Great Race

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

    Join Stahls' in the Great Race    
A.C. is getting ready for the Great Race!

Stahls’ is a family company, and the Stahls are making The Great Race a family race. Even 5 month-old A.C., the latest addition to the Stahl family, is in on the action with his own Great Race cap. His grandmother (Mary), grandfather (Ted), dad (Dan), and uncle (Brett) are all taking part in the classic car rally which is heading from Maine to Florida this June.

If you’re interested in taking part as well, here’s your chance. Visit our Great Race contest entry page for a chance to win a ride along with Ted and Mary Stahl in their 1935 Auburn along one leg of the race. On the page you’ll find an entry form, as well as rules and guidelines.

If you’re along the race route, be sure come out and cheer on these classic cars from June 21-29. And be sure to follow the Stahl teams’ journeys on the Stahls’ Great Race Facebook page!


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