(Dye) Migration is for the Birds

by Mary Castelli, Marketing

Prevent Dye Migration with Thermo-FILM

Most screen printers have encountered dye migration or “bleeding” issues at some point during their careers. This unappealing discoloration can occur several hours, days, or even weeks after screen printing polyester jerseys or apparel. Imagine the embarrassment of trying to explain why the once white logo, name, or number on a blue jersey is now light blue. Or worse still that it’s pink on a men’s red jersey! Risking your reputation or losing customers due to questionable results just isn’t an option. But testing the sheer number of polyester blends on the market today can prove to be a timely and costly endeavor. What is a screen printer to do?

While there is no 100% cure or prevention for this problem when screen printing, there is a heat applied alternative. Thermo-FILM® heat transfer material, applied with a heat press, stands up to the rigorous demands of playing fields and has been proven time and again to resist unsightly dye migration. Available in pre-cut letters and numbers, pre-spaced text and numberscustom logos, or by the yard for use with your vinyl cutter – there’s simply no reason to sever your relationship with polyester and poly-blends because of bleeding issues.

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