Celebrating Dreams Achieved: Meet the Dream Shop Package Giveaway Winners!

For over 90 years, STAHLS’ has epitomized the spirit of dreams turned into reality. From a modest Detroit garage, we’ve risen to become industry leaders in the garment decoration industry, driven by dedication, commitment, and support from valued customers like you.

As an expression of gratitude, we’re awarding a total of 8 winners in 2023 with the Dream Shop Package. Each quarter, we’re selecting two outstanding winners: a small business and a school, to win the exclusive Dream Shop Package, valued at over $5,500, designed to empower entrepreneurs.

Let’s meet our second quarter winners.

School Winner: D.C. Everest High School – Schofield, Wisconsin

D.C. Everest High School embodies a spirit of entrepreneurship and empowerment, nurturing young minds to explore their creative potential. With a robust curriculum that ranges from business foundations to marketing principles, they’ve laid the foundation for their students’ future success. Their student-run custom apparel business, Everest Expressions, designs and presses apparel for the school store and student organizations.

Stahl Family Scholarship Q2 Dream Shop Package Giveaway School Winners: DC Everest High School

Proceeds earned from Everest Expressions help offset the travel expenses for students to participate in DECA leadership workshops and competitions at the district, state, and international levels. Winning this scholarship will help push Everest Expressions into the next realm, expanding their capabilities through expert guidance and advanced equipment. This leap will not only elevate their business, but also foster growth that benefits both the school and its students.

Business Winner: Spectrum Studios – Kennewick, WA

Stahl Family Scholarship Dream Shop Package Giveaway Q2 Winners: Spectrum Studios

James Pridemore, the visionary behind Spectrum Studios, is rewriting the narrative for adults on the Autism spectrum. His mission is to provide employment, on-the-job training, and growth opportunities to young adults on the Autism spectrum, bridging the gap between those who have aged out of high school and lost years of programs, guidance, and direction. With the launch of Spectrum Skills Academy, Spectrum Studios aims to teach their spectrum family graphic design and product decoration skills.

With the scholarship, Spectrum Studios will acquire the necessary tools to amplify their impact. Their journey, rooted in compassion and a desire to make a real change, aligns seamlessly with STAHLS’ core values.

Congratulations to our inspiring Q2 winners! We can’t wait to hear your success stories!

Apply by September 15th to Be Considered for Q3

Here’s What You’ll Win:

  • Hotronix® Fusion IQ® 16’’ x 20’’ – 110 V
  • Hotronix® 360 IQ® Hat Press
  • Tag Along™ HP Platen
  • Kraft Paper 10’’ x 20’’ – 25 pack
  • 11’’ x 15’’ Platen
  • Heat Press Pillow Package – All 5 sizes
  • 6’’ x 20’’ Platen – Fusion Leg/Sleeve
  • On-site equipment training with STAHLS’ experts
  • 6’’ x 10’’ Platen
  • Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector – 11’’ x 15’’
  • Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector – 16’’ x 20’’
  • Print Perfect Pad 5’’ x 6’’
  • Thermo-Tape Holder
  • Thermo-Tape 3/8’’ (2)
  • Flexible Application Pad
  • Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector – 6’’ x 10’’
  • 1/8’’ 4’’ x 8’’ Foam Pad

As we celebrate the accomplishments and aspirations of our remarkable winners, we invite you to join the journey. The Stahl Family Scholarship is now accepting applications for the third quarter Dream Shop Package Giveaway. If you’re a school nurturing the innovators of tomorrow or a business dedicated to driving positive change, seize this opportunity to turn your dreams into reality!

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