Get Ready for Fall Sports!

It may seem early to be thinking about fall when summer hasn’t officially begun. Don’t miss out on different opportunities and start decorating for fall sports now!

Summer is a great time to start thinking about your upcoming markets. Youth sports account for millions of players every year from little league to high school. Stay ahead of the game and maximize every sales opportunity.

Win Every Job

STAHLS’® has the right material for any job. Our Athletic HTV is perfect for any jersey – football, soccer, volleyball, and more! Decorate like the pros with our high-quality, durable materials and complete every order with confidence. Our tried-and-true heat transfer vinyl will stand out on the field and last all season long!

We make it easy to personalize team uniforms with so many decorating service options. Have you heard about our new Pre-Spaced Text & Number effects? Choose from 6 different styled effects in select fonts and materials. Pre-spaced services arrive cut, weeded, and aligned on a carrier for simple placement. For example, this option is perfect for large rosters or multiple teams! Creating personalized names and numbers for team uniforms has never been faster or easier!

Unique Opportunities

Maximizing profit is the name of the game. A perfect way to increase your revenue is add-on sales. Cad-Printz® for non-apparel is great in addition to your regular heat printing. Create specialty packages for customers to build your brand recognition and repeat sales. Generate these opportunities with Cad-Printz® Helmet Stickers, Custom Decals, Window Clings, Floor Graphics, and more! It’s easy to add water bottles for the team, car stickers for proud parents, or promotional items for the school or league organization. This little extra creates a wow factor and shows your customers that you are capable of any of their personalization needs! As a result, your reputation will spread and your business will grow!

Stay Organized

With so many fall sports right around the corner, another awesome tool that Stahls’ offers is our Spirit Sale™ e-commerce platform. Keep all your schools, teams, and clubs organized within Stahls’ Spirit Sale™. Manage orders, track inventory, and handle payments with the click of a button! You can create specific stores for any customer base, personalized and only accessible to their clientele. They will be free to place orders online; meanwhile, you’ll have more time to decorate apparel. With Spirit Sale™, you can have an unlimited number of online stores, import designs, and blank apparel offerings, and every transaction goes directly to you – we don’t take any percentage of your sales! For more information or to set up an online demo, check out this video:

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