Hit a Grand Slam – Decorating Baseball Uniforms & Fanwear with STAHLS’!

PLAY BALL! It’s that time of year. The weather is turning, the birds are chirping, and the grass is growing. You know what that means – BASEBALL IS BACK! Be ready for game day with the best-looking jerseys on the field!

STAHLS’ offers all the products, services, and design tools you need for decorating baseball uniforms. This post covers all the bases including a lineup of our best players that will win customers and get jobs done. You’re safe with any of these options!

Getting On Base With Pre-Cut Letters & Numbers

Pre-Cut Letters & Numbers are a simple, cost-effective way to personalize baseball jerseys. Individual letters or numbers are available in packs of 10 or 20 pieces depending on font size. This is an economical choice and easily increases the value of your jerseys by personalizing each with a player name, as well as front and back numbers.

Kits also a great way to build up inventory. As you fulfil orders, you can order individual packs to replenish stock.

Pre-Cut Letters & Numbers are available in CAD-CUT® HTV, as well as Poly-TWILL™, felt, and SimStitch®.

Two-Color Pre-Cut SimStitch® Letters

Remember to get creative with add-on sales! Why not personalize players’ equipment bags with their number? Proud parents love T-shirts or hoodies with their star player’s name or number. Maximize profit by adding personalization for as little as $0.08 per character!

Rounding Second With Pre-Spaced Text & Numbers

Pre-Spaced is the fastest and easiest way to add names to baseball uniforms. Names and numbers come cut, weeded, and pre-aligned on a carrier for one-step placement per color. It’s a great option for speedy production when you have multiple teams or long rosters—you won’t need a 7th inning stretch with Pre-Spaced!

Player Perfect®, Thermo Film, Tiffany Font
  • Pre-Spaced Text
  • Pre-Spaced Numbers
  • Player Perfect®
  • Team Perfect®
  • Vertical Text
  • Pre-Spaced SimStitch®

There’s so many options! Order Pre-Spaced Text for last names on the back of jerseys or team names on the front. Pre-Spaced Numbers are ordered separately and arrive with the double digits already aligned. Or choose Player Perfect® and get a player name and number centered and spaced as one pre-aligned transfer.

Hitting A Triple With Any Word. Any Way.™

Perfect for creating baseball team names for the front of jerseys, Any Word. Any Way.™ provides production ready layout options for any style uniform. Create custom text without any design software!

We offer sew and no-sew options. Choose your sizing, font, layout, and color from the available templates. All templates offer script and block fonts, including split front, tail, and varying layout effects. This handy chart explains each of the Any Word. Any Way.™ material options, application methods, and best choices.

AWAW is a great way to easily customize baseball jerseys without adding too much time and labor. There’s no need for any uploading or downloading, or any in-house cutting and weeding. Most orders ship next day and arrive ready to heat apply or embroider. Utilize this service for quick turnarounds, simplified custom ordering, and quality materials and finishes.

Scoring With The Vinyl Designer

The STAHLS’ Vinyl Designer is a completely free design tool to create artwork. Upload your own images to create custom artwork, or choose from our library of stock and customizable templates, fonts, and clip art. The interface is mobile-friendly, so you can create and access your designs anywhere, from any device. Take advantage of the Vinyl Designer next time you’re decorating baseball uniforms!

Quickly set up team rosters, create, customize, and easily produce any player name or number. Personalizing team names and numbers has never been easier! Choose from a jersey back template, enter your list of names and numbers, and send to your cutter!

All templates and clip art are filtered by category, making it easy to access any of our baseball themed artwork. Easily increase sales by creating spirit wear and fan gear – players and families can represent their team on and off the field!

The templates are a great foundation for you to start getting creative. As shown below, one template can create two different styles to make any baseball parent proud!

After you’re finished designing, you can cut your artwork in-house with CAD-CUT® HTV or upload for our Custom Logo Services. It’s a win-win!

Extra Innings With Emblems & Patches

Decorate like the pros with Embroidered Patches! These high-end, heat applied patches are the perfect way to set yourself a part from the competition. You can provide the value of traditional embroidery without investing in any expensive equipment or wasting time with threads and needles.

Easily elevate your headwear offering with Embroidered, 3D Embroidered, and Print Stitch patches. Customizable up to 6 thread colors, these premium patches allow you to create bold, luxury retail finishes on any headwear style, including baseball and trucker caps, bucket hats, beanies, and more! Add the traditional value and professional finish of embroidery with only a heat press!

Swing For The Fences With STAHLS’

Swing for the fences this spring with any of STAHLS’ services for decorating baseball uniforms. Players will get noticed and will be proud to show off their apparel, which will boost your reputation over the competition. Baseball jersey decoration is a great way to generate sales in the spring and early summer. Little leagues, schools, recreational teams, and federation ball are all great markets to tap into each season. Don’t miss out on profits and start personalizing jerseys and fan wear today!

We use Pre-Cuts and Pre-Spaced SimStitch® Text & Numbers to decorate a two color, split front baseball jersey in these two videos. Check them out below.

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  3. Hi Donna, thanks for reaching out! You do not need to provide any licensing authorization for any logos that aren’t registered trademarks. Your personal business logo will be no problem. When you’re ready, you can upload the design file to us via our Artwork Uploader. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Customer Service team at 800-478-2457. Thanks!

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