Decorated Apparel Trends: What to Expect in 2024

The world of apparel decoration is constantly changing. In order to stay relevant, you need to keep up with customer demand and have a good understanding of the trends that are popular. From runways to retail, we’ve been observing what’s happening in the fashion industry and what trends will be popular with apparel consumers in 2024.


Metallic clothing, accessories, and embellishments have been popular in retail clothing and are sure to be a hit with your customers this year! Use FlexStyle® Emblems to add a metallic finish and premium value to logos or use special effect HTV like CAD-CUT® Soft Metallic to offer a cost-effective alternative and add shine to larger logos.

Inflatable & Dimensional

Inflation isn’t just happening in the economy. The past few seasons have seen a popularity in inflatable or puffy fashion, from puffer jackets to puffy sleeves and accessories. Emulate the inflated look with dimensional HTV such as CAD-CUT® Puff or Soft Foam.

Vintage Nostalgia

The popularity of the vintage and resale markets have increased the trendiness of retro and vintage looks. Whether its letterman jackets or embroidered sweatshirts, you can offer these looks without investing in new equipment.


The past couple years have seen the popularity of positive brand messaging, from mental health awareness to body positivity brands. No matter the slogan or logo, STAHLS’ has a variety of materials to ensure your positivity brand comes to life!

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