Take the CAD-PRINTZ™ Decorating Challenge @ SGIA

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By Peggy Elliott

Just five days until the SGIA Expo 2010! Join Stahls’ ID Direct™ in booth 3059 and take the CAD-PRINTZ™ Decorating Challenge! Do certain fabrics pose decorating challenges for you? Bring us your toughest fabric; nylon, leather, neoprene, or Lycra®. We’ll show you the media we recommend and demonstrate how to apply it! Do you find it difficult to print smaller items, large and bulky items, items with seams, zippers, or buttons? Bring it on! We’ll CAD-PRINTZ™ IT!

The CAD-PRINTZ™ line of full color digital transfers and non-apparel services allows you to print almost anything. Our challenge is RISK-FREE – you can’t lose. If we can’t print it – you WIN! Even if we can print it – you WIN! It’s a WIN-WIN situation, so double-down and visit us in VEGAS!

Be sure to check out our schedule of events and sign up to receive text message updates at the show. Don’t miss out on all the exciting events happening in our booth.

Check out our special video message about the CAD-PRINTZ Challenge.

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