Coming to SGIA Vegas: The Air Fusion

by Peggy Elliott, Product & Training Manager

Air Fusion Heat Press
Oh no! Some giant has been using the heat
press and Peggy has to reach over her head
to operate it! Whatever will she do?
Air Fusion Heat Press
This is a Hotronix Air Fusion – all Peggy has to do is
lower the adjustable stand to a comfortable height.
Crisis averted!

Vegas has many awesome sights:  the fountains at Bellagio, the outdoor canal at the Venetian, the statues at Caesar’s Palace, the Air FUSION® heat press at the Las Vegas Convention Center…. A new Vegas landmark? Yes, but for a limited time only. From October 18-20 you can see the Air FUSION® heat press in action at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the SGIA Expo.

When Stahls’ Hotronix® first introduced the Air FUSION at the Atlantic City ISS Show, we knew it was the cream of the crop, the cat’s meow (and its pajamas)! Our boxing theme referenced it as the Heavy Hitter! Why? It has more pressure than any other heat press in the industry. It’s perfect for heat applications that require heavy pressure like sublimation, Direct-To-Garment, and embossing. Even better, the press also features Auto Adjust Pressure™. Whether you have fabrics of varying thickness or are heat printing mixed media designs that require different settings, the pressure and time automatically adjust to the settings you tell it.

The Threadability™ of the heat press allows you to do the same job in about half the time. What is Threadability you ask? The lower platen is free and clear underneath, allowing you to simply slide your garment on and rotate it to print on both sides. No need to remove it, flip it around and reload – a huge time saver when printing fronts and backs. Decorate fast, deliver faster!

This air-operated heat press can almost do the heat printing for you. With a tap of the pedal, the machine automatically swings away for heat-free layout.  Tap it again and with the push of the user-safe two-button operation the upper platen engages for application.

What’s more, it has an adjustable stand with self-leveling casters. You can move it to where your work is, in the shop or on the road, and adjust the height to the comfort of the user. No more bending, stretching or reaching.

We’ve all heard it before, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, but not this time. Some things are just too good to keep under wraps.

Visit the Stahls’ at Booth #2849 to see a demo and get a free t-shirt while supplies last.

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