What Are Your Top 3 Business Goals For 2021?

Nothing is more satisfying than the fresh start of a new year! Business goals may range, but one thing is certain — 2020 has definitely been a challenging year. Many businesses had to learn how to pivot in new directions and faced new challenges when adapting to safety rules and regulations.

Hopefully, you are part of the STAHLS’ community on our Facebook page. On there we love to strike up conversations, take polls, and provide an overall outlet for inspiration, tips and tricks for making your business the best it can be. On NYE, we asked our customers what their Top 3 Business Goals were for 2021. We compiled the answers and received a great Top 3! Hopefully you, too, can gain inspiration from this feedback and set a new goal for yourself or your business in 2021.

#1 Get Organized

This should be a no brainer! A lot of us implement this goal as we enter the new year. Things like: decluttering, purging, and cleaning out our workspaces can only help with a clean slate. In a recent webinar, we discussed the importance of storing vinyl and accessories. Steal these ideas mentioned and tag us on social media if you have an organized workspace to share with us. We love seeing new, innovative ideas! Take a look at some of our recommendations:

  • Peg boards and hooks are great ways to store vinyl rolls on your wall if limited space is an issue.
  • Airtight containers and plastic baggies are a perfect, inexpensive way to store logos, letters & numbers, etc. if money is a concern. You can pick these up right at your local dollar store!
  • Open style bins are also nice for a quick “grab and go” situation.
  • If you have the space, we recommend a cart or storage unit on wheels that can easily move around your space! Being portable makes all the difference.

#2 Try New Equipment

STAHLS’ prides itself on being the leader in new and innovative technology when it comes to equipment and new materials. In particular, our new 360 IQ® Hat Heat Press turned a lot of heads! This new press was a game-changing piece of equipment to join our lineup. When it first was announced, and even now, all of our customers wanted to get their hands on it, if they haven’t already. It’s that good. Some key benefits of this press are:

  • Eliminates creasing & scorching
  • Independently control upper and lower heat for accurate heat application
  • Perfect for thicker, dimensional emblems & patches
  • Get creative and heat apply more than just hats! Customers love it for face masks, baby onesies, and smaller print areas!

To learn more, you can read about the 360 IQ in a previous review. We also provide insight on how to decorate more unique items with this press.

#3 E-Commerce Platforms

Lastly, we were pleasantly surprised to see how many customers are ready to take their business to the next level. Online stores are an essential business goal that every entrepreneur should strive to have. Reaching new markets has never been easier with the right tools. STAHLS’ Spirit Sale™ is an e-commerce store designed to help your customers win. You can successfully set up shops, manage orders, and schedule production all within one platform. Make sure to schedule an appointment with one of our team members for a free demo.

So, there you have it —our top 3 business goals for 2021! We hope this encourages you to venture into something new during the new year. Be sure to check our Facebook page for more inspiration.

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