Become Captain of Your Heat Printing Team

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Henrik Zetterberg probably didn’t have to sew the “C” on his own jersey.
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As October approaches, hockey season can’t be far behind. From jersey logos, names, and numbers to helmet stickers, teams are looking to show off their identities with customized and personalized items.

In an interview this summer with the Yahoo hockey blog, Puck Daddy, Red Wings forward Pavel Datsyuk spoke like a true garment decorator. When asked how teammate Henrik Zetterberg transitioned to being the Red Wings’ captain, Datsyuk replied, in his usual playful manner, “How? He cut out the letter ‘C’ and stitched it onto his jersey, that’s how.”

For a hockey player, becoming captain really isn’t that simple.  But for a garment decorator it can be even easier than Datsyuk described. Stahls’ ID Direct has options for adding the captain’s “C” (or alternate’s “A”) to the front of a hockey jersey that don’t involve cutting or sewing.

Stahls’ Pre-Cut Letters are, as the name implies, cut before they’re shipped to you, saving you time and wasted material. Available in a wide variety of heat transfer materials, they apply easily with just a heat press.

Have a customer who wants the embroidered look without the cost? SimStitch® letters and numbers are perfect for getting the classic look without the cost and effort. Made of Perma-TWILL® material, these letters feature a simulated zig-zag stitch that gives the look of embroidery.

If you’re looking to embroider, Auto-Stitch Letters are available in Appliqué Fabric, Poly-TWILL™ and Pressure Sensitive Poly-TWILL™. Optional sew disks are also available for satin or zig-zag stitching.

These options are also available for names and numbers on jerseys, as are our pre-spaced options, which greatly reduce the labor and time involved in layout.

For jerseys that require name bars, we offer twill name bars that must be sewn, and are great for jerseys that will be used with different names year after year.  For permanent personalization, we also offer no-sew SimStitch® name bars.

And finally, if you’re decorating for fans, not players, we offer official NHL®/NHLPA® Player Kits. These officially licensed kits include everything you need to customize replica jerseys: player name and number, sleeve number, NHL player label and hang tag, and, of course, the “C” or “A,” when applicable.

So, while Datsyuk may have been more accurate than he thought in his description of how someone becomes captain, he probably didn’t realize just how easy it is to place the coveted “C” on a hockey jersey.


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