Goodbye, Interns

They grow up so fast!

Summer is gone, and with it, the Stahls’ ID Direct™ interns (well, most of them).  Two members of our inaugural class will be staying on with Stahls’, while several others promise to be back during future school breaks.

We hope the interns enjoyed their experience at Stahls’ and learned not just business lessons, but life lessons as well.

We asked the interns to share some of what they learned this summer. Here are some of their responses:

I think the most inspirational thing that I heard this summer was from Ted Stahl.  It is something that I will take with me and keep in mind in the future and that is to develop/maintain an insatiable quest for knowledge, and that the askers run the world.  The more you learn and know, the more doors will open for you as a result. – Amanda

I learned that if you can find happiness in anything you do, then you are successful. – Jenna

The most important lesson I have learned in my time here was that it is important to walk into any new situation with an open mind and be able to soak in any advice thrown your way. That is the greatest gift you can give yourself. – Leighla

A piece of advice I have heard and will take with me is that even in your failures you can still succeed and to not quit just because of one small setback.  That stuck with me because failing is something I do fear and it’s nice to hear that you can still achieve what you want even if you have failed or had a setback along the way. – Shannon

Don’t ever say you can’t. – Yeng


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