Appliqué for Embroidery- Part 1 Standard Twill Options

by Peggy Elliott

PS Twill AppliqueDesign-TigerLine
Tiger Line Embroidery Custom Logo

Do you have embroidery equipment? Are you using twill for appliqué? Poly-TWILL™, also known as Tackle Twill, used for creating custom appliqué designs has been an industry staple for years. The benefit is that using twill saves you stitches, in turn saving you time and money.

There are 2 different kinds of twill that can be used. Standard Poly-TWILL has a heat sensitive adhesive that is activated with a heat press to hold the design in place and keep it from shifting while being sewn. Backed with a pressure sensitive adhesive, PS Twill arrives on a clear carrier, simply remove the carrier and position your design. PS Twill has a Needle Glide™ adhesive that prevents gummed up needles and broken threads for a flawless application and a beautifully finished design.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Noreen and Ed from Tiger Line Embroidery at the Atlantic City ISS Show. They recently had their first experience using the PS Twill for one of their jobs.  Their job was a 3-color custom logo for the back of jackets. Noreen informed me that this was their first time using the twill and the job went perfectly. She also stated, “The twill stayed where I put it and sewed flawlessly!” Noreen ended the conversation telling me, “I would recommend this product to anyone!” Of course, Noreen did a beautiful job with the digitizing which is just as important to the finished product.

It’s always a pleasure meeting our customers face to face at tradeshows, and even better when they have a success story to share! Do you have a success story you want to share? Let us know. We’ll be happy to post it on our blog!

Product Tip: Not familiar with appliqué, but want to give it a shot? Try our appliqué sample kits. Happy sewing!

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5 thoughts on “Appliqué for Embroidery- Part 1 Standard Twill Options”

  1. I have 2 question
    Does PS twill has a heat sensitive adhesive also

    If you put thermo adhesive on the back of twill fabric can
    it be cut on the Gx 24 with a backing sheet

  2. Hi Linda,

    The type of backing selected depends upon the fabric of the actual garment. A medium weight tear-away backing works well with sweatshirts and jerseys, as well as heavier woven fabrics like denim and poplin. If you are doing a lot of direct embroidery and your garment is a light to medium weight knit or woven fabric you would normally use a cut-away backing

  3. I’ve read your article. Honestly, I’ve never read this type of informative and efficient article before. This article will help lots of beginners like me to build skills in embroidery. Love to read your incoming blogs too. Really appreciate your work and dedication.

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