Tip Jar: Fashionable Fan Apparel

by Courtney Matlick

This past football season NFL.com created a clever commercial with a strong message every apparel decorator should take tips from. The commercial showed female football fans sassily tossing their men’s jerseys back to them while the classic Lesley Gore song, “You Don’t Own Me” plays.  The message is that women want feminine looks that fit their curves, rather than the boxy- unisex apparel of the past.

In this week’s Tip Jar, we show you one example of how you can use current retail trends to create fashionable fan apparel.  In this video, we use our Glitter Flake & Super Film heat transfer materials and a heat press to create a women’s collegiate fan t-shirt.  If you have a local university, begin thinking of ways that you can reach female students by mixing in foil and glitter effects to create a premium garment they’ll love.

Looking for more tips and ideas on creating recent trends in the female college market? Don’t forget to check out our webinar tomorrow (3/30) at 2pm on Great Garment Graphics.

Video: Decorating Fashionable Fan Wear


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