CAD-PRINTZ™ a Hit at Embroidery Mart East Nashville

90 minute digital seminar draws SRO crowd

By Peggy Elliott

The Embroidery Mart Tradeshow was held in Nashville last weekend. It was great fun presenting the seminar with GroupeSTAHL™ CMO, Carleen Gray. Together we educated new and current customers on Decorating Solutions to Boost your Bottom Line. Customers were impressed by the easy add-on sales that can be gained by using your heat press.

The first product we discussed was pre-cut letters and numbers, followed by three products that are a perfect complement to businesses that offer embroidery:  SimStitch®, Pro Cap, and Applique Sample & Display Kits.

The highlight of the seminar, however, was CAD-PRINTZ™ Full Color Digital Transfers.  Customers were fascinated by the wide range of fabric applications that are possible, from nylon to leather and neoprene. Oh, and the types of items you can print too, like umbrellas, bags, and 6-panel caps! All this in a full color digital transfer with no per color fee and a minimum order of just $20.

The buzz in the booth was all about CAD-PRINTZ™, the Fusion™, and Custom Made Easy featuring Boxercraft®.

Thank you to all that attended! We look forward to seeing you next year!

Showcasing Boxercraft and CAD-PRINTZ Digital Transfers

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