And Baby Makes… Five?

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Five little Boyers, all in a row.

When Debra, the intrepid leader of Stahls’ web marketing team, learned that her friends, the Boyers, were expecting their third son, she got to thinking.

What would make a perfect gift for mom, dad, and the boys, ages 5 and 7, to celebrate the new addition? Why, personalized T-shirts, of course! So Debra ordered a T-shirt for each member of the family and took to to create a design.

The proud papa displays the front crest while mom helps #5 show off his new T-shirt.

In addition to a new family crest (the letter B with leaves of laurel) for the front of the shirts, Debra decorated the shirts with names and numbers, numbering them 1 through 5 (with the oldest, dad, being number 1). The designs were cut on a vinyl cutter straight from CadworxLIVE using CAD-CUT® CAD-CUT® heat transfer material.

As you can see in the pictures, the shirts came out looking great, and each member of the family has a memento of when young number 5 (Seinfeld fans undoubtedly think his name should be “Seven”) joined the family.


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One thought on “And Baby Makes… Five?”

  1. Love the shirts.

    A friend recently had her fourth son. In the e-mail letting everyone know that he’d arrived she wrote “To celebrate the arrival of this 5th guy to our family all available male members went to Five Guys.” So, I just had to make them all custom stating they were the “real Five Guys” with each of their names (Mom got one stating “I love my Five Guys”.) All in white on red shirts of course. CadworxLive made it super easy to scale down the design for the baby’s onesie.

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