Summer Internship Opens Eyes to Heat Printing

by Sarah M., Product Development Intern

So far, Sarah’s more than satisfied with her summer stint at Stahls’.

After several weeks of being an intern at Stahls’, I have learned how much thought and work goes into a simple T-shirt design.

Before, I never knew there were different heat transfer materials used for the words or numbers on garments depending on what fabric they are made of so the color doesn’t bleed through. I just thought that someone out there heat pressed some letters and called it a day. I’d never heard of Premium Plus™ or Thermo-FILM® and never knew how to put colors and designs together to make a jersey or uniform. Well, now I have and now I do and it’s actually pretty cool.

So far, my experience at Stahls’ has shown me that even if you aren’t related to a Stahl, everyone here is treated like family. One project is everyone’s project. Coming into this internship I was told that I would be busy, and they were not lying. I don’t think I, or anyone one else in this company, ever stops moving or heat pressing.

For a couple of weeks, I have been measuring numbers for new fonts so customers can see how big they are when the numbers are one, two or three colors. Also, I’ve been helping out with new sport jersey and uniform designs.

Working at Stahls’ so far has definitely been hard work and I am a lot more tired by the end of the day than I expected to be. But, I am so happy to be a part of this company, even if I am only intern Sarah.


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