A Hot Trend for the New Year

by Jenna Sackett, Sales

Oversized Tees are Still a Hot TrendThe new year brings many great opportunities for the beginning of the Winter/Spring Sports season – basketball, baseball, hockey, and competitive cheerleading. What’s the most trending item for this winter and spring season? You probably guessed it! Oversized tees (yes, still).

Whether you’re walking into a popular retail store or a kiosk in the mall, these garments are everywhere, and Stahls’ knows how to help you get this popular look to sell at your shop too!

You’re probably wondering, “Why are these garments so popular?” Everyone wants to stand for something – whether it’s promoting their business name, repping a club or activity they’re involved in, or showing off a popular name brand, they want others to know it! What better way to rep a name than to make it a fashion statement? Big and bold is what it’s all about – and oversized tees do it well.

How can you bring this trendy look in-house and sell to your customers? Buy some blanks, and let Stahls’ handle the rest! Our online art software, known as CadworxLIVE.com, is free to Stahls’ customers and has pre-made templates set up for any size and any design for oversized tees. You can open these templates and customize them in any way you desire, then cut and apply.

If you don’t own a vinyl cutter, you can send us your artwork and we will send you the transfer, ready to press! Our custom cut designs can be ordered in a variety of sew and no-sew materials.

Want to stock for on-the-spot orders? Our Glitter Flake™ and Thermo-FILM® heat transfer materials can be ordered as packs or kits of pre-cut letters. We recommend 4” letters for the “shoulder to shoulder” print.

No matter which market you’re trying to reach, we’ve got you covered. We have finishes for any market that no customer can turn away, from Glitter Flake for a special effect finish, to SimStitch® letters for a high-end, simulated stitching finish (no sewing required!). Take any school name or mascot, make it pop off the garment, and really catch the buyer’s eye!


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